Products We Recommend

Your fly fishing equipment should not only perform when put to the test it should be a reflection of your budget and personality. That's why we recommend a wide range of fly and active gear to fit your unique sense of style.



Rare Earth Net Magnets

  • Net magnets make retrieving your net easier.
  • Unique leather strap is far more durable than the nylon wire tie that the competition provides with their magent set.
  • One end of the provided bungee cord attaches to the net handle and the other to your wader belt to avoid losing the net on the river of hiking through the woods.

Dun Drifter Paste Floatant

Of the many innovations that Lee Wulff has contributed to fly fishing, the Triangle Taper fly line is perhaps the most popular. Winner of the coveted Kudo award,the triangle taper offers the greatest delicacy of any fly line. The Triangle Taper is a continuous forward taper in the head of the line, the first 27 to 40 feet depending on the application. This provides the most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls because the heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. This design also gives you a more delicate presentation because the weight is away from the fly.

Red Rocks Fly Drier

"Aiming to reduce the transmission of waterborne invasive species, Simms teamed up with Vibram to produce the sticky-rubber StreamTread sole now used on all its wading boots. Like the five other sticky-rubber soles tested, these didn’t give the grip of felt on exceptionally greasy boulders or slick ledge rock, but they held their own on less demanding streambeds and gave significantly better traction on bare rock."

Rusty Dun Adobe Tippet Deglazer

Long before I picked up my first fly rod, I was smoking fine, premium cigars. I liked it so much, I became a sales representative for the largest manufacturer of premium cigars in the world. Some of the brands that I sell are Romeo y Julietta, Montecristo and St Luis Rey. I have travelled to the Dominican Republic to visit our factory and have extensive knowledge about cigars. So, if you enjoy fine cigars as well as fly fishing, we might be a match made in heaven.