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Rusty Dun Fly Fishing Gear provides you the latest fishing accessories. Have you ever bought a fly fishing accessory and thought that you had a better way of doing it? Welcome to my world. My journey down this path came when a nylon wire tie that was securing my net to the net magnets failed and I almost lost a custom made net. Who designed this? A trip to the cobbler in my town provided me with a better solution and my adventure was just starting.Travels throughout the US West, New Zealand and my home waters of New England offered me countless opportunities to develop improvements on the most basic of accessories and all were tested by my fellow anglers. 




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Fly Fishing Gear

There are many great fly fishing manufacturers in the market. However, we pick our favorites just like we pick the sports teams we root for. Over the past few years, I have sought out the equipment that I find does the best job and now participate in the Guide Programs with these manufacturers.

Friends of Rusty Dun Fly Fishing Equipment

In the past few years, we have found some fly shops and organizations that we support and hope that our fellow anglers will too. As you know, conservation is our most important mission and Trout Unlimited and the Clean Angling Coalition are extremely importing this area.. We still like to do some stillwater fishing and have just found Save The Lakes, a new group that was formed to preserve Rhode Island's many lakes and ponds.



Fly tying is an art that can be mastered by most anglers after a few lessons. The United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island were founded for just that reason. They meet monthly for the sole purpose of educating anglers in the art of fly tying.

There are numerous high quality retailers dealing selling angling products in Southeastern New England. There are many reasons that every one of them is capable of servicing your every need. Saltwater Edge in Middletown, RI is quickly gaining a great reputation as the go-to shop. It may seem strange that I would recommend a full service saltwater shop for my freshwater clients. They are also the driving force behind Edge Angling, a full service online retailer of everything any fly angler could ever want. At your request, they can have some of the finest salt and freshwater gear shipped to your home. Brands like, Abel Reels, Simms, Orvis, Scientific Anglers, G Loomis, TFO and Tibor are just a few of the items available.


One of the most spectacular fisheries in New England is the Farmington River. A mere 2 hour drive from most of Southern New England, a fly angler can anticipate hatches almost 365 days a year. The predominant fly shop on the River is UpCountry. This place is a treasure trove of angling specialties. Their knowledge of the river is priceless. Their website is packed full of specials, fishing reports and hatches as well as USGS real time flow data. If you are looking for some hard to find rod or reel or want to trade in some old gear this is the place for you. When there is a hatch going on, if they don't have commercially tied flies to match it, expect the staff to tie some up. If you're looking for a great day trip to a classic tailwater and need a guide, they'll be more than happy to accomodate you.